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World Environment Day Activities

May 30,2024 by Edulab

World Environment Day, which falls on 5 June every year, is the United Nations flagship day for encouraging global awareness and action to protect the environment. It is an ideal opportunity to gear up for some meaningful actions that can make a real difference. In this blog, we explore five engaging activities students can undertake to celebrate and honour our planet. From hands-on initiatives to educational endeavours, these activities promise to ignite passion, foster awareness, and inspire positive change.

3 Climate Change Experiments For Schools

This hands-on kit is suitable for students of all ages and provides a comprehensive exploration of earth science concepts. With materials that illustrate the physical characteristics of our planet, students can delve into topics such as the Water Cycle and weather, fostering an understanding of the interplay between climate and atmospheric conditions.

#1 Macro Science Kit – Earth Science

Students of all ages will enjoy learning about earth science with this hands-on kit. It includes a selection of materials that help demonstrate the physical features of our planet and assist with teaching the effects of climate change. You can look in-depth at the Water Cycle and the weather and explain to students how climate and weather are so closely related.

#2 Pond Testing Kits

Designed to facilitate learning about water science, these user-friendly kits enable students to investigate non-point-specific pollution sources, acid rain, and watersheds. Conducting tests for alkalinity, pH, and nitrates, students can engage in outdoor exploration, observing and analysing nearby wildlife and pond ecosystems.

#3 Renewable Energy Kit

Fostering discussions on environmental issues, this kit offers hands-on learning about wind, water, and solar power generation. It features four interchangeable monitors are a buzzer, flashing indicator lights, voltage indicator and moving cogs to clearly indicate that power is being generated., suitable for classroom or outdoor use.


Now more than ever, teachers, parents and students can enlighten themselves about the world of CO2 emissions, climate change and global warming. With experiments and kits from EduLab, it is easier than ever to teach students about the planet in a fun and memorable way. For more information, contact our expert team.