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Which Face Mask Should I Buy and Why do I Need One?

Jun 12,2020 by Edulab

It may feel strange in doing so for most of us and people may wonder whether it’s actually necessary. Here is in the UK, unless your job has required you to wear one, face masks haven’t exactly been commonplace amongst the public.

In comparison, face masks became part of everyday life for people in Asia due to high amount of pollution in major cities as well as the last SARS epidemic in 2002. Masks are now second nature, wearing one just like you would a hat or a belt.

Now, nearly eight years later, with the emergence of a new coronavirus pandemic, masks are becoming compulsory across the globe as a measure to help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

What’s the current advice for the UK? Should I buy one? Are they here to stay?

These are all very valid questions. At the end of the day no one wants to get sick, but with the easing of lockdown restrictions each week comes extra risk, so you need to make sure you’re prepared.

The latest government advice for England that comes into force on the 15th June is that face coverings are to become compulsory for anyone using public transport, all hospital visitors and outpatients and hospital staff must wear surgical masks. This is in addition to previous advice where people need to wear face masks in shops and enclosed spaces where social distancing can’t be observed.

Advice for the rest of the UK does differ slightly, but it is essentially the same.

UK face mask usage increases 8% since lockdown first eased according to YouGov Poll.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven in thinking that this is only a modest jump when it comes to people wearing facial coverings in public places. You need to think a bit further ahead though. The same study shows that our closest neighbours Germany, France, Spain and Italy now have between 54% and 86% of civilians now wearing them in all public places. Meanwhile, the UK stands at 21%.

With more and more communal settings being opened each week and the chance of a vaccination being distributed before the end of the year unlikely, the UK’s dependence on face coverings will only grow.

Are there different types of masks? Which one do I need?

Well, up until very recently they haven’t really been available in abundance. We’re sure everyone has seen well documented coverage in the news about shortages of PPE for frontline workers. Thanks to the help of many manufacturers and suppliers over the last few months, we’re now seeing more and more supplies on the market.

That said, unless you work in a hospital, regularly come into contact with many people who could have Covid-19 or research labs, medical grade face masks or surgical masks aren’t necessary.

An ordinary member of the public just needs to make sure they have something that covers their nose and mouth from any potential exposure. The level of protection will vary depending on the avenue you go down, but it’s always better to be as safe as you can be.

That’s why EduLab only supply 3-Ply disposable face masks for normal use in your daily life. With only single use, you don’t have to worry about not having one when you need it because it’s in the wash. They will protect you from harmful airborne particles with their no-woven polypropylene material, which also makes them easily breathable.


If you need any more advice or help when it comes to protecting you and those around you from the current pandemic, get in touch with our specialist team on 01366 385777 or by emailing