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The Top 5 Pieces of Lab Equipment You’ll Need for Returning to School

Aug 13,2020 by Edulab

Students, parents, and even ministers are watching with eager anticipation as schools prepare for the return to a new normal. Most British schools have been closed for a considerable time, and significant work needs to be done to plan for a new, safe, and secure curriculum return.

But while these measures are put in place, teachers across the country still need to arrange classrooms and develop lesson plans. For science teachers, that begins with assembling the best lab equipment available.

EduLab will help ensure you have a clean and safe environment inside your classroom. We offer a range of dedicated products designed to help keep your pupils, colleagues, and classrooms safe, while also providing you with the tools needed for top-quality education.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the 5 pieces of lab equipment you can’t teach without.

The Lab Equipment You Can’t Return to School Without

As part of the safe return to school, lab equipment will need to be used slightly differently. Everything must be done to minimise the chances of spreading infection – this means that students will need to share tools and apparatus in a cleaner, more traceable way.

Ensuring the safety of both pupils and teachers is our number one priority. That being the case, these 5 pieces of Edu-Lab equipment will make your classroom as safe as possible.

Disposable Gloves

Let’s start with something simple: gloves! We stock a range of disposable gloves that your students will need to wear in order to minimise the spread of infection.

Since these gloves are never re-used, you can rest assured that your precious lab equipment will remain clean and safe for use. Our nitrile gloves are latex-free (for any allergy sufferers) and puncture proof, while also providing outstanding resistance to many classroom chemicals.

We supply disposable vinyl gloves and latex gloves for additional classroom use as well.

Fume Cupboards and Hoods

Next up, let’s take a look at fume cupboards and fume hoods. These devices are widely used in laboratories all over the world, and their purpose is simple: capture and remove any airborne hazardous substances in classrooms.

Fume cupboards and hoods have been a standard in school science labs for many years thanks to their ability to securely remove any hazardous bi-products of scientific experiments.

In addition to a fume cupboard, a top-of-the-range sterilisation unit that is compact and cost-effective will ensure classroom air you’re doing all you can to produce cleaner air and combat harmful bacteria and viruses. The Viralair-UV™ does an excellent job of sterilising air in crowded and enclosed spaces, and it’s easy to install too.

But for dedicated fume cupboards, we also sell a range of ducted and ductless fume cupboards that are light and easy to move. They’re fully constructed from polypropylene, giving them a high chemical resistance.

If instead you’re looking to replace fume cupboard filters or install mobile inverted fume hoods, then we’ve got you covered there as well.


Next up are microscopes, and you don’t need to look anywhere except Edu-Lab for the most impressive range of top-quality microscopes.

We sell everything from entry-level compound microscopes to professional monocular microscopes, complete with 360º rotation and coaxial focusing.

That being said, you may want to consider using digital microscopes in the classroom this year. These intelligent microscopes are the future of science education and they use the power of your computer to bring a whole new level of detail to classroom lessons.

Instead of worrying about the risk of sharing microscope equipment among students, why not broadcast the mesmerising magnified subject on the classroom screen instead? Images and videos can be saved for later use, and you can talk the class through the sample in much more detail.

Essential Glassware

Finally, you’ll need to make sure that your lab equipment set is complete with essential glassware. No science lesson gets far without the correct glassware, and the return to school this year is no different.

Whether you need to stock up on conical or wide-neck flasks, measuring cylinders, burettes, pipettes, or even absorption tubes and syringes, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at Edu-Lab.

Whatever you need, EduLab can help!

With an extensive range of dedicated products designed to help keep your pupils, colleagues, and classrooms safe, whilst also providing you with the tools needed for top-quality education. These high-quality products have been carefully selected to help you and your students enjoy a safe and secure return to school.

If you need any further information on any of our available products, please get in touch on 01366 385777 or email