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The 6 Things You’ll Need to Make Your School Return Safe

Aug 25,2020 by Edulab

The return to school is creeping closer and closer. But this summer, going back to school won’t be like any other year, and schools certainly won’t look the way they did before. As many pubs, restaurants, shops, and outlets have discovered, it is possible to re-open and manage smaller crowds. That said, it can be done with the correct equipment and procedures in place.

And that’s where we come in. Before you open your school doors, you’ll need to equip your grounds, classrooms, and corridors with products that promise to make your school return safe.

Whether you’re looking to install something as substantial as a welfare station or as simple as an air steriliser, we’re the lab equipment specialists that can help you get set up. These are the 6 things you’ll need to make your return to school safe for everyone.

Safe Tools for Safe Schools

Young students can be difficult to control, and schools tend to be a hotspot for breakouts of, well, just about anything. Don’t leave anything to chance: install these 6 essential products wherever necessary to help keep your students and staff members safe.

Welfare Testing Stations

Let’s start with a biggy (not the rapper) – welfare testing stations. Our ISG Welfare Testing Station has been designed to quickly and safely test students and staff members for fevers before they enter school.

When used alongside infrared forehead thermometers, this simple and portable station highly reduces the risk of a potential infection spreading as students return to school. Anybody that records a high fever can be asked to go home to self-isolate before they’ve even entered the building.

You’re likely to have already seen these stations being used in workplaces all over the country, as they’re an effective way to quickly spot high temperatures.

Hand Sanitiser & Hand Washing Station

Once your students and staff members are inside the school, you need to take every step necessary to prevent the spread of infection. As we already know, some people will carry the infection even though they haven’t shown a high temperature. Or, even worse, they may not show any symptoms at all.

Our extensive sanitisation range includes medical grade hand sanitiser from Inivos. It’s special formula reacts quickly when applied and is a WHO recommended formulation. Obviously nothing can beat washing your hands with warm water and soap, so why not combine handy sanitiser gel with one of EduLab’s hand washing stations. This self-contained unit, doesn’t need any plumbing or electrical mains. Just install it anywhere inside or outside the school. A combination of sanitisation products and stations like this will definitely help you to encourage everybody at the school to keep their hands as clean as possible, as often as possible.

Nitrile Gloves

To reduce the chances of cross-contamination even further, consider making nitrile gloves readily available to both staff and students. When it comes to science class and school laboratories, using disposable gloves is absolutely essential.

Students in science classes will be used to sharing expensive equipment and working in groups. If there’s no way around shared working, make sure that students wear these gloves to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

Our disposable gloves are puncture resistant and suitable for use with all school laboratory chemicals.

Floor Stickers

Another safe practice that indoor spaces need to adhere to is a social distancing policy. Whether it’s 1m or 2m, an easy way to enforce safe working ‘bubbles’ is to use our floor sticker arrows or safe distance stickers to remind both students and staff members that they can’t come too close.

It’s almost certain that you’ll need to set-up one-way corridors within the school – make it obvious and clear with our fluorescent arrow stickers (sold in packs of 10). The safe distance stickers are more appropriate for classrooms and serve as a safe reminder that social distancing policies can’t be ignored.

Air Sterilisation Units

Another product you can’t return to school without is the Viralair-UV™ sterilisation unit. These compact units are a cost-effective way to clean the air in enclosed spaces – and there are plenty of them inside schools.

These mobile units draw air in through the side vents and expose the air to powerful UV-C sterilisation, killing any bacteria and viruses. Compact, lightweight, and versatile, these units are another effective tool that you should consider installing before the return to school.

Face Masks

And when all is said and done, don’t forget your face masks! We sell 50 packs of both Type IIR surgical masks that are medical grade, so they’re definitely suitable for the general public too. You’re already aware of the benefits of these disposable, single-use masks, so make sure they’re available in your school and used effectively.

Trust our expert Edu-lab team and invest in these 6 reliable products for a safe, infection-free return to school this summer.