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Should schools return and what can your school do if it does go back?

May 18,2020 by Edulab

As of 10th May, the UK government started outlining its plans for schools to return.

If you think about it, going back is going to be like the first day of the new school year. The country has been in some form of lockdown for 8 weeks now and it will have been 11 weeks since children last went to school by the time they start back on the 1st June. A normal summer break doesn’t last more than 6.

With the new world ahead of us, going back to school for teaching staff doesn’t just mean making a good first impression with the pupils they teach anymore, they’ll also need to ensure that their student’s learning environment is as safe as possible, above all else.

There are still so many unanswered questions at the moment, but if you’re a school that’s about to open its doors again, EduLab can help make sure your students and staff are protected. With an extensive range of equipment and supplies, combined with many years’ experience in the education sector, we will at least answer some of those questions for you.

Preparation is key to success

Just like the advice teachers often provide their students with when it comes to their work, schools can still prepare for what is to come. Whether the return is soon or in the near future, you can start preparing now.

School children constantly share things and move from class to class, always using the same items and surfaces to complete their work. Naturally, this will increase the extent to which germs, viruses and bacteria are transmitted from person to person. Desks, chairs, chemistry equipment and even the air will all need to be sanitised regularly to decrease risk.

How safe you can make your school when it comes to decreasing the spread of infection via bacteria and virus spores, will go a long way to easing the minds of parents, staff and reducing the potential anxieties of pupils. Having equipment that enable to pupils to wash their hands regularly, testing stations set up to test the welfare of everyone who steps foot on the premises and disposable gloves when sanitising equipment. They all lessen the threat.

Experts in sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination

EduLab are a leading provider of infection control equipment and supplies across the UK and worldwide. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of service and range we offer our clients.

Whether you need cleaner air in a matter of minutes via an air steriliser unit, multiple hand washing stations to make sure children continuously keep their hands as clean as possible, or a bulk order surface sanitiser spray, we’ve got what you need and can get it to you quickly! Make sure going back to school isn’t harder than it should be.