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Product 900-232 – Blood Pressure Sensor – Edu-Logger

Mar 06,2021 by Edulab

The sensor measures the air pressure in the pressure cuff wrapped around the tested person’s arm.


Heartbeats affect the blood pressure. That is the reason for the difference between the systolic and

diastolic pressure of the tested person.


The sensor has three ranges:

1. The average pressure in the pressure cuff in mm Hg.

2. The pressure beats with no units.

3. The sum of the two above signals.


The Edu-Logger software extracts the following from the  blood pressure graph:

a) The Systolic blood pressure

b) The Diastolic blood pressure

c) The MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure)

d) The heart rate


As with all Edu-Logger Sensors this must be used with one of the Edulogger communication modules:


USB Module

Wi-Fi Module

Bluetooth Module

Graphic Display Module

Viewer Module