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Product 900-208 – Heart Rate and Pulse Logger Sensor – Edu-Logger

Feb 27,2021 by Edulab

This sensor can be used to monitor and compare pulse rates under various exercise and rest conditions and to compare the “normal’ and “after exercise” pulse rates. Additionally, it can show how blood volume/flow rates in the finger or ear lobe vary with time. 


The sensor has two modes of operation: measuring the BPM (Bits Per Minute) of the heart rate or displaying the analog arbitrary value of the measured signal.


The electrodes are both plethysmograph-based and so record changes in blood volume/flow. The sensor consists of an infrared LED transmitter and a matched infrared phototransistor receiver.


For best results, the sensor should be kept away from direct sunlight and high intensity lights.


As with all Edu-Logger Sensors this must be used with one of the Edulogger communication modules:


USB Module

Wi-Fi Module

Bluetooth Module

Graphic Display Module

Viewer Module