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Product 900-206 – pH Logger Sensor – Edu-Logger

Jul 27,2021 by Edulab

This sensor can be used to measure the static pH values of common liquids (water, milk, soft drinks, vinegar, etc.) as well as the changing values in titrations or experiments such as those looking at the effect of antacids. The pH sensor is designed for long life in a variety of general purpose situations. Its sealed reference system and gel fill make it easy to use and maintain. With an epoxy body it is a durable  electrode for use both in the laboratory and in the field.

Sensor Calibration: This sensor gives a fast response across the full pH range and can be calibrated with any standard buffer solution. The sensor should be connected to a voltage source (the USB module plugged into a computer , Edu-Loggers’s™ Display unit or Battery module). Insert the sensor into a pH = 7 buffer and press the sensor’s push button for about 3 seconds. The reading is calibrated to 7.

Ideal storage for probe is pH3 buffer solution.

If the solution that is in the supplied vial (which keeps the probe moist) runs out, normal tap water can be used. It it ONLY to keep it moist as Calibration is done in a pH7 buffer.

As with all Edu-Logger Sensors this must be used with one of the Edulogger communication modules:


USB Module

Wi-Fi Module

Bluetooth Module

Graphic Display Module

Viewer Module