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Product 605-055 – Power Supply, 0-15v Stepped – Edulab

Feb 27,2021 by Edulab

The Edulab 0-15V power supply has proved to be extremely popular and the ideal choice for physicists worldwide. It is simply the most advanced power pack available today and with the 5 year warranty it’s a safe investment.

This power supply provides stepped voltage of 0-15V in one volt steps for both AC and slightly smoothed DC. A special key lock (all units have identical keys) allows the voltage to be locked to a particular level or to a maximum (ceiling).  Long switch lift time means that voltage can be switched safely at full load without serious contact wear.  Continuously rated output of 8.5A, AC or DC , or added sum of 8.5A

The set ceiling or locked voltage will be memorized, even if the unit is switched off and on again.  Fully protected, secondary by high speed, micro-processor controlled, resettable electronic trip. Over-current is measured and timed for cases of serious overload and slight overload to decide tripping time This avoids over-sensitive tripping in cases of initial heavy current surge, for example when using lamp bulbs.

Slow-blow fuse protection for primary transformer.  Additional Thermal Trip protection for transformer.  Schottky barrier diodes are employed for rectification with less voltage drop and power waste

Please note that these are not regulated power supplies.