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Product 502-071 – leXsolar H2 Ready-To-Go

Mar 07,2021 by Edulab

leXsolar-H2 Ready-to-go offers the entire spectrum of current fuel cell technology for the classroom. This product was completely reworked and now contains the newest fuel cells for educational purposes. Solar module, electrolyzer, and fuel cell permit the assembling and examination of a solar-hydrogen cycle. Working principles, efficiency and characteristics curves of electrolyzer and fuel cell are just some of the topics covered. Beside the PEM-fuel cell, it also contains an ethanol-fuel cell in order to compare the different technologies. H2 Charger and H2 Storage allow for the easy generation and storage of hydrogen. True to the traditions of the Ready-to-go series all ancillary equipment is already included in the robust aluminum suitcase.


Set up of an electrolyzer and the different fuel cells

What does an electrolyzer do?

Characteristics of an electrolyzer

Hydrogen production with the H2 Charger

Hydrogen storage with the H2 Storage technology

Characteristics of a PEM-Fuel cell

Characteristics of an Ethanol-Fuel cell

Faraday and energy efficiency of the electrolyser

Faraday and energy efficiency of the PEM-fuel cell

Parallel- and series connection of PEM-fuel cells