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Product 502-067 – leXsolar SmartGrid Ready-To-Go

Mar 03,2021 by Edulab

Ready-to-go stands for a fully equipped product of the leXsolar-SmartGrid line in a durable aluminum suitcase
that is ready to use anytime and anywhere. leXsolar-SmartGrid Ready-to-go allows the construction of a smart grid with a variety of renewable energy sources on a laboratory scale. It?s possible to choose different energy generation profiles and observe their effect on the system. The various available storage units and consumers make for a complex smart grid and a multitude of possible scenarios to analyze. The energy flows within the smart grid can either be read from the displays of the smartmeters or logged with the SmartControl-software. This enables the students to control the system manually or with the help of the SmartControl-software. All necessary SmartControl components for measuring and control are already included. The package includes wind and solar power as well as fuel cell, storage technology and e-mobility components and, thus, also the foundation for a variety of basic experiments.