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Product 20-3563 – Air Quality Lab Investigation

Feb 27,2021 by Edulab

Create particle traps and identify pollutants in our air!

Air pollution causes a wide variety of health concerns and comes from many different sources. These include man-made origins such as factories and vehicles as well as natural sources such as wildfires; microorganisms; windblown dust and pollen; and volcanic eruptions. Your students will perform various hands-on activities to identify air pollution sources and the types of pollutants they emit. Then they will apply their knowledge to develop ways to reduce this contamination. Your class will also conduct microscopic examinations of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms found in the air. Your students will:

  • Identify potential sources of air pollution
  • Collect, observe and identify various airborne pollutants
  • Observe and identify the various microorganisms present in the air
  • Study the effects of air pollution on plant and animal life

Class size – 40 students.