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Product 153-850 – Viralair-UV™ Air Sterilisation Unit

Apr 23,2021 by Edulab

The Viralair-UV™ is a compact, cost effective and efficacious solution for the sterilisation of air within enclosed spaces.
This unit is designed for positioning around and alongside staff, patients, students or in areas of high people concentration.

Air is drawn in via side inlets and exposed to UV-C radiation for effective sterilisation before the internal fan expels the sterilised air back into the room via the front outlet.

Using UV-C for the killing of bacteria and viruses is not a new idea but this is possibly the first time it has been made available in such a compact, mobile unit.

The size allows access through all size doorways and the smooth castors make positioning easy.

A standard UK mains 3-pin plug means fast deployment and set-up. Simple on/off switch means no risk of incorrect operation and little training required.

Each unit sterilises up to 800m3/hr and multiple units can be combined for larger spaces.
The compact size and light weight allows fast deployment.

Caution should be used when running this unit in a potentially explosive atmosphere!

The UV light requires replacing every 5000 hours.