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Product 612-014 – Becelec 2 Electric Burner

The new Becelec 2 Electric Burner offers a unique replacement option to conventional gas bunsen burners. The high power heater combined with a reflective internal stainless steel bowl produces a concentrated stream of heat comparable with that of existing gas-powered bunsen burners. The wire safety guard included adds to the safety aspect of this burner.

The ISG® moisture analyser is a sturdy instrument for the determining of moisture in raw materials in finished samples of food, cosmetics and ceramics it would often be used also in the agriculture and construction industries.

  • Capacity – 160g
  • Resolution – 0.001g (0,01%)
  • LCD with backlight
  • Halogen-infrared lamp
  • Temperature range: 35-160°C/1°C

The ISG mobile ductless fume cupboard is a high quality, highly chemical resistant unit constructed fully from polypropylene.  This unit is simple to use, requires no specialist fitting and is lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.  The fume cupboard can either be used as a benchtop unit as seen in the image above or turned into a fully mobile unit by coupling it with the fume cupboard stand (153-901 – supplied separately) which gives increased versatility.

The unit has two power sockets, an integral LED light, fully adjustable fan and a air flow alarm.

Complies with all the relevant European standards

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NOTE: Filters are not included and must be purchased separately

Being very quiet and with low energy consumption, this rotary vacuum pump is ideal for all general laboratory applications requiring vacuum.

Recommended oil type is HFV-1

A budget still designed to meet educational requirements at a low cost. This still produces 4 litres per hour with a 3kW metal heating element. Thermostatic cut off.

This ISG® balance has been designed for performance and convenience. This unit has a double casing structure for stability and reliability. The internal calibration increases ease of use and speeds up processing. This balance includes a 3 door draught shield to increase accuracy and repeatability. 

  • Capacity:420g
  • Resolution:0.001g
  • Three-doors large draftshield
  • LCD with backlight
  • RS232 serial interface
  • plastic protection cover
  • pan size Ø 110 mm.

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The Multi-Purpose interlocking sink-liner that prevents glass breakages through cushioning and prevents blocked sinks by trapping objects that would normally become lodged in waste pipes/traps. Simply combine the required number of pieces to cover base of sink and then cut to size. Whilst this multi-purpose matting was initially designed to line the bottom of sinks to prevent glass breakages customers have come up with several additional uses for it! – some of which are below.

  • Draining rack
  • Bench Protection Matting
  • Heat-proof gripper

Pack of 4 mats. Each Mat Measures 210mm x 210mm x 10mm (LxWxD)

This ISG® balance have been designed to be robust with a solid structure and guaranteed reliability. The small footprint and the ability to use the integrated rechargeable battery allows these balances to be versatile and moved around the lab at will.

  • Capacity – 3100g
  • Resolution – 0.01g
  • Pan size Ø – 130 mm
  • Operates with both mains power and rechargeable battery (included)
  • LCD screen with backlight

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Although this ISG® centrifuge is competitively priced to suit education budgets it has been designed to be used in Medical and University research laboratories. Some of the main uses include separation of serum, plasma, urea and blood samples. With a speed range of 300-4500rpm and a maximum rotor capability of 8 x 15ml tubes the ISG® clinical centrifuge allows precise control of time and speed ensuring an efficient separation process. The ISG® centrifuge also has 15ml cell culture tubes and a full line of collection tubes which is ideal for a clinical laboratory. The stable design and noise level of less than 56dB allows the ISG® centrifuge to work without becoming a disturbance in your laboratory.

The centrifuge’s CPU controls all operating parameters including speed and time settings. 
Operation of the centrifuge can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or can be run in continuous mode.  Timing will only commence when the set speed is reached ensuring that the separation time is highly accurate.  The ISG® centrifuge breaks gently to preserve separation and not damage samples.

The large, user friendly LCD screen displays all information including RPM and G Force.  Parameters of the centrifuge can be set and modified after the set speed is reached.  A quick spin mode is also available which is activated by pressing and holding the ‘PULSE’ button.  The centrifuge can be accelerated to the required speed and held for as long as the button is held down.
The ISG® centrifuge also has an automatic lid release.  When the process is finished this saves time and protects samples from heat build up.
For more technical details please see the ‘Technical’ tab

Basic equipment for determining melting point of substances. Consists of an aluminium block with hole for thermometer (not supplied) and glass slide (included). Ideal for individual student use.