Van De Graaff Generator With Accessory Kit (European)

Code: 231-163

Van de Graaff GeneratorThe Generator consists of a conducting sphere(the dome) supported by a plexiglass pillar and a rubberbelt driven by an electric motor concealed in the metalbase.

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Van de Graaff Generator
The Generator consists of a conducting sphere
(the dome) supported by a plexiglass pillar and a rubber
belt driven by an electric motor concealed in the metal
base. Static electrical charge is produced by friction
between this band and two rollers, one of polythene, the
other of plexiglass. The charge is removed from the belt
by a metal gauze and stored in the dome. The electric
motor is driven from the mains supply, using a three-wire
cable. The base is fitted with a 4mm diameter socket
which can be used either for supporting a conducting
sphere (fitted with a cranked rod support) or for a wire
connection to a separate conducting sphere (fitted on a
plexiglass rod). A dust cover is provided to keep the Van
de Graaff free from dust when not in use.

With Accessory kit

( 231-163 )

Technical Specifications

Diameter of Generator Dome: 220mm

Total Height: 500mm.

Base (max) Dimensions: 218 x 182 x 93mm

Operating Voltage: 220 to 240V AC (EU Plug)

Fuse Rating: 315 mA / 250V

Dome Capacitance: 15pF (approx)

Maximum (intermittent) current: 6µA (approx)

Maximum Spark Length: 50mm (approx)

Diameters of Conducting Spheres: 100mm

Power Output: 200,000 - 400,000 volts (depending on humidity levels)


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