Digital Oscilloscope Dual Trace/Channel, 20MHz

Code: 241-551

The 241-551 is a 2-channel, 20MHz, economical type digital oscilloscope. This oscilloscope features a 7″ high resolution LCD colour display, front-sided USB CI design and ultra-thin device body.

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The 241-551 is a 2-channel, 20MHz, economical type digital oscilloscope. This oscilloscope features a 7" high resolution LCD colour display, front-sided USB CI design and ultra-thin device body.

  • Large 7" high resolution LCD display (800x480)
  • Friendly UI interaction - easy-accessible operation menu ensures users retrieve results conveniently
  • Windows extension facilitates the observation of abnormal signal from full waveforms
  • 30 auto-measurement options
  • DC, AC and GND input couplings
  • 8 bit vertical resolution (A/D) (2 channels simultaneously)
  • 5mV/div - 5V/div vertical sensitivity (at input)
  • Edge & video trigger types
  • Auto, normal and single trigger modes
  • Dimensions - 301x152x70mm
  • Device weight - 1.1kg
  • Contents Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2x 60MHz Probes, Probe Manual, Accessories Bag, Operating Instructions, CD-ROM, UK & EU Power Cords
( 241-551 )

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth:                                        20 MHz

Channel:                                             2


Acquisition Mode:                            Normal, Peak detect, Averaging

Sample rate:                                      100 MS/s


Input coupling:                                              DC, AC , Ground

Input impedance:                              1 MΩ±2%, in parallel with 20 pF±5 pF

Input coupling:                                              1X10X100X1000X

Max. input voltage:                           400V (DC+AC, PK - PK)

Channel–channel isolation:             50Hz: 100 : 1

10MHz: 40 : 1

Time delay between channel:                      150ps


Sampling rate range:                                    0.5 S/s100 MS/s

Interpolation:                                     (Sinx)/x

Max Record length:                          10K

Scanning speed (S/div):                               5 ns/div – 1000 s/div, step by 1 – 2 – 5

Sampling rate/relay time accuracy:            ±100 ppm

Interval(T) accuracy (DC - 100MHz):       Single±(1 interval time+100 ppm×reading+0.6 ns);

                                                            Average>16 ±(1 interval time +100 ppm×reading+0.4 ns)


Vertical Resolution (A/D):                8 bits (2 channels simultaneously)

Sensitivity:                                         5 mV/div5 V/div

Displacement:                                               ±2 V (5 mV/div – 100 mV/div)

±50 V (200 mV/div – 5 V/div)

Analog bandwidth:                           20 MHz

Single bandwidth:                             Full bandwidth

Low Frequency:                                            ≥10 Hz (at input, AC coupling, -3 dB)

Rise time (at input, Typical):                       ≤ 17.5 ns

DC gain accuracy:                            ±3%

DC accuracy (average):                   Delta Volts between any two averages of ≥16 waveforms acquired with the same scope setup and ambient conditions (V): ±(3% reading + 0.05 div)


Cursor:                                                           V, T, T&V between cursors, auto cursor

Automatic:                                         Period, Frequency, Mean, PK-PK, RMS, Max, Min, Top, Base, Amplitude, Overshoot, Preshoot, Rise Time, Fall Time, +Pulse Width, -Pulse Width, +Duty Cycle, -Duty Cycle, Delay A→B , Delay A→B , Cycle RMS, Cursor RMS, Screen Duty, Phase, +Pulse Count, -Pulse Count, Rise Edge Count, Fall Edge Count, Area, and Cycle Area.

Waveform Math:                               , , *, / ,FFT

Waveform storage:                           16 waveforms

Lissajous figure:                               Full bandwidth

Communication port:                       USB 2.0 (USB storage)

Counter:                                             Support


Trigger level range:                          Internal, ±5 div from the screen center

Trigger level Accuracy (typical):     Internal, ±0.3 div

Trigger displacement:                      According to Record length and time base

Trigger Holdoff range:                     100 ns – 10 s

50% level setting (typical):              Input signal frequency ≥ 50 Hz

Edge trigger:                                     Slope - Rising, Falling

Video Trigger Modulation:              Support standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast systems

Video Trigger Line number range: 1-525 (NTSC) and 1-625 (PAL/SECAM)



Display Type:                                    7" Coloured LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Display Resolution:                          800 (Horizontal) × 480 (Vertical) Pixels

Display Colours:                               65536 colours, TFT screen


Output Voltage (Typical):                About 5 V, with the Peak-to-Peak voltage ≥1 MΩ.

Frequency (Typical):                        Square wave of 1 KHz


Mains Voltage:                                  100 - 240 VACRMS, 50/60 Hz, CAT

Power Consumption:                       < 15 W

Fuse:                                                   2 A, T class, 250 V


Temperature:                                     Working temperature: 0 - 40

Storage temperature: -20 - 60

Relative Humidity:                            ≤ 90%

Height:                                                            Operating: 3,000 m

Non-operating: 15,000 m

Cooling Method:                               Natural cooling


Dimension:                                        301 mm× 152 mm×70 mm (L*H*W)

Weight:                                               1.1 kg



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