Basic Botany slide set of 25



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Set of 25 glass microscope with botanical specimens representing the major plant groups:

    Chlamydomonas E
    Spirogyra, vegetative E
    Spirogyra, conjugation E
    Mucor, conjugation
    Zea (maize), root TS
    Helianthus, stem TS
    Pinus (pine) leaf TS
    Prunus (cherry) leaf TS
    Zea, stem TS
    Mnium, archegonial head VS
    Mnium (moss) antheridial head VS
    Saccharomyces (yeast) budding
    Penicillium, mycelium and conidia
    Marchantia (liverwort) thallus, antheridia VS
    Marchantia, thallus, archegonia VS
    Marchantia, developing sporogonium VS
    Dryopteris (fern), pinnule with sori TS
    Dryopteris prothallus with antheridia and archegonia E
    Fucus, dioecious antheridial and oogonial conceptacles
    Helianthus (sunflower) young root TS
    Tilia (lime) young and old stem TS
    Cucurbita (marrow) stem, for sieve tubes LS
    Ranunculus (buttercup) flower bud LS
    Pollen grains, wind and insect distribution E
    Allium (onion) root apex, mitosis LS

( BBS-111 )


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