Trinocualr Microscopes

You Deserve Only The Best!

Whichever type of microscope you’re looking for, EduLab stock and sell the very best in the business. Our LED-illuminated trinocular biological microscope is fully adjustable, making it a very useful addition to every classroom.

This sleek, multi-purpose microscope will take your lessons to a new level with multimedia projections and interactive visibility.

One Piece of Kit Does the Trick

Forget students clambering over one another and queueing for their turn with the study sample – you can bring the specimen to them instead.

Trinocular microscopes are binocular microscopes with an additional camera port. This makes them a unique compound microscope; when you add the correct camera attachment you can capture, record, and project magnified specimen images for the whole class to see.

A Versatile Addition to Your Lab

Trinocular microscopes have two eyepieces, just like binocular microscopes, and a game-changing third eye tube with a camera port.

Our top-of-the-range microscope is 360° rotating with 40x factor magnifications all the way up to 1000x. The adjustable LED is particularly useful when you’re saving images on-screen, and, together with its sophisticated coaxial focusing system, you’ll be able to make coarse and fine adjustments until you get the super-crisp focus you’re looking for.

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