Monocular Microscopes

Equipment That You Can Trust

We’re a leading global supplier of quality laboratory equipment to classrooms and labs worldwide, and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our monocular microscope range. Younger students all over the world have already enjoyed using our top-quality microscopes – yours could be next.

Easy to Use, Easy to Learn

Younger students tend to find it difficult to use binocular microscopes. At times, children can struggle with eyepiece distance adjustment. As soon as that happens, they’ll quickly lose interest in the class.

With monocular microscopes, a lack of concentration isn’t an issue. In fact, since they’re so easy to use, you’ll struggle to get your students sharing them! Monocular microscopes make it easy for young students to use the eyepiece properly, focus on the subject matter, and share their enthusiasm with classmates.

Objects studied through a single tube will always appear flat and without depth, making them easy to study.

Quality Monocular Microscopes for All

We offer budget-friendly monocular microscopes as well as the very best microscopes in the field, and everything in between. Our team of experts carefully conduct their research to make sure that we provide you with the very best equipment.

While they’re lightweight and compact, monocular microscopes still provide a bright 2D image with great resolution. We stock a range of lens diameters and magnifications, so you’ll always be able to find the monocular microscope you’re looking for.

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