Stereo Microscopes

See objects in 3D

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And one of our most popular products is the stereo microscope.

This type of microscopes enables a 3D viewing of specimens that are normally visible to the naked eye. They do this by using light reflected from the surface of an object rather than transmitted through it. And since these microscopes use light that naturally reflects from the specimen, it is perfect to use when examining solid or thick samples.

Discovered in America, but used around the world

The Stereo microscope was invented in America by Horatio Saltonstall Greenough and now used across the globe. From educational biology lessons and environmental laboratories to studying archaeological artefacts, the this microscope is one of the most fundamental and widely used pieces of equipment on the market.

Around 99% of stereo applications have less than a 50x magnification and used to examine samples that aren’t mounted on slides, meaning they are mostly used for viewing insects, fossils or plant life. Users can work on the specimen in real-time while it is still being observed as stereo microscopes have a longer working distance allowing users to dissect objects or even perform microsurgery.

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