Digital Microscopes

The Microscope That Captured Imaginations

At Edu-Lab, we have a range of microscopes to suit all needs. Pick from lightweight and inexpensive models, to premium, high specification units for all your scientific needs.

Known as the 21st century microscope, and one of the most high-tech pieces of science equipment on the market, digital microscopes connect to your PC and allow budding scientists to record stills or movie clips of their subjects straight to their PC.

Invented in Japan in 1986, digital microscopes inspired the minds of many in the microscopy world. Using the power of a computer to view objects not visible to the naked eye, and compared to the other types of microscopes, this intricate piece of equipment can be found with or without eyepieces.

Modern and easy to use

Using a USB cable, the microscope can connect to a computer, and with the software, monitors will display the fascinating object magnified. Moving specimens can be recorded and even have images captured of them and saved onto the computer memory.

Advancements in technology means that the digital microscope is now available to hobbyists, students, researchers and manufacturers. This allows images to continue to be accessible to all areas of science and individuals.

So, begin your science journey today and shop our fantastic range of digital microscopes.

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