Compound Microscopes

Compound Microscopes to Suit Every Budget

As a leading global supplier with a highly trained team of experts, we’ve made sure that we offer an extensive range of compound microscopes for all the promising scientists out there! Our range starts at lightweight and inexpensive models, to premium, high specification units.

Compound microscopes are used for observing thin, transparent, slide mounted specimens that are not visible to the naked eye.

You Can’t Study Flowers If You Haven’t Botany!

Never mind the poor pun, this microscope is a popular choice among botanists for studying plant cells, to view bacteria and parasites, as well as a variety of human / animal cells, the compound microscope is also useful in forensic labs for identifying drug structures.

As an upright microscope, it uses two sets of lenses to obtain a higher magnification than a Stereo microscope.

The sample placed in the microscope can be seen through the combined effect of two sets of lenses. Light is passed through the sample with larger objects needing to be sliced for this to happen efficiently.

You Can Use Them Anywhere!

Young scientists can choose from a range of magnifications, with some microscopes having a magnification rate of 40x all the way to 1000x. Not only are our compound microscopes easy to use at home or in school, but they are also extremely easy to transport.

So, whether you’re conducting essential field work, or moving between laboratories, this microscope can be effortlessly carried between locations.

Begin your science journey today and shop our fantastic range of compound microscopes.

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