Specialist Microscopes to Suit All Abilities

Whether you’re a budding new scientist, or work in the biological field for work, here at EduLab there are several different types of microscopes for you to choose from. From digital and compound microscopes to binocular and monocular, EduLab stock some of the highest quality and specialist devices on the market.

Throughout the years, microscopes have been developed to become one of the most essential pieces of scientific equipment available.

Defined in the dictionary as ‘an instrument for magnifying minute objects’, not only do they enhance specimens that are not visible to the human eye, but they also produce an image in which the object appears larger than usual.

Choosing the right microscope for you

The history of microscopes may be foggy as no one knows when they first were invented, but since that day, they have certainly come a long way in scientific discovery.

Some are best suited for researching biological applications, whereas others are best for classroom or personal hobby use. Within the scientific range of microscopes EduLab offer, there are many to choose from that are configured to suit these different needs.

So, don’t hesitate to begin your science journey today, and shop our fantastic range of microscopes on offer.

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