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The binocular microscope encompasses a vast collection of diverse classes of microscopes.

The classification of a binocular microscope is pretty straight forward, it’s a microscope with two eyepieces and no camera port, which means it will significantly eases viewing and cuts down on eye strain. That said, the interplay between the two lenses can differ depending on the microscope type.

Using a single optical lens to look straight down on a sample and display a flat 1D image, binocular microscopes have high a resolution and magnification capability, meaning you’ll get between 40x to 1,000x magnification for the samples on your glass slides. Their predominately used within the biology field, as the depth of focus is limited to very flat specimens, which makes it the best type of microscope for biological applications.

The biggest seller, but often confused

In the current day, the majority of microscopes that are sold are binocular microscopes, but all too frequently, lots of people tend to confuse binocular microscopes with stereo. It might be because most stereo microscopes have two eyepieces, but so do countless others, like compound microscopes.

The main difference between the two is that stereo provides a 3D image, whilst a binocular offers a flat image. So, having two eyepieces doesn’t make it a stereo microscope.

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