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Must-see Scientific Exhibitions

Mar 03,2015 by Edulab

Scientific exhibitions are a fantastic way to get kids interested in science, and are also ideal for fuelling and igniting you own passion for science.

With this is mind, here we take a look at some of the best and most interesting upcoming exhibitions, from around the country, which you can see this year.

Churchill’s Scientists

The Science Museum in London is by far one of the best museums here in the UK, and is home to a vast array of inspiring collections and exhibits. In addition to its permanent must-see exhibits, the museum also hosts a number of special exhibitions.

This year, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s death, the museum will be holding a fascinating exhibition titled Churchill’s Scientists. The exhibition will tell the little-known story of Churchill’s fascination with science, and how this led to a number of scientific breakthroughs that helped put Britain on the road to victory in the Second World War.

The exhibition which is already up and running, will be open to visitors until March 2016, so there’s plenty of time to discover its wonders for yourself.


Summer Science Museum

Another of this year’s must-see science exhibits is the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition. This annual event is designed to showcase some of the most exciting, cutting-edge scientific research from leading scientists.

The exhibition will be running from the 30th of June until the 5th of July, at the Royal Society in London. It’ll provide a unique opportunity to interact with scientists and find out more about their groundbreaking research.


3D: Printing the Future

3D printing technology is revolutionising the science and engineering fields, and has unleashed a new wave of innovation across the world. The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is currently holding an exciting exhibit dedicated entirely to 3D printing, titled 3D: Printing the Future, where you can find out more about this amazing technology and its potential applications for yourself. The exhibition, which is free, will be running until the 19th of April, so there’s still plenty of time to see it.

Hopefully this’ll have inspired you to check out some of these fantastic exhibits for yourself.

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