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Edulab Lab Trolleys: The Ultimate Solution

Sep 01,2023 by Edulab

Keep your lab clean and tidy with the EduLab range of versatile storage trolleys. Perfect for storing and moving equipment around safely and great for other applications too!

Their lightweight yet robust design, chemical resistance, configurability, and range of accessories make them indispensable for storage and transportation needs in laboratories worldwide.

Let’s explore their key features:

  1. Used in research, medical, industrial, and education labs all over the world:
    • These laboratory storage trolleys have gained global recognition and acceptance due to their versatility and reliability.
    • They cater to a wide range of industries, including research, medical, industrial, and educational labs, highlighting their adaptability to diverse environments and applications.
  2. Extremely lightweight, with a safe working load of 250kg:
    • These trolleys are engineered to be exceptionally lightweight, making them easy to manoeuvre even when fully loaded.
    • Despite their lightweight design, they maintain a robust and safe working load capacity of up to 250 kilograms, ensuring they can handle heavy equipment and supplies.
  3. Easy to construct with tools (rubber mallet) supplied:
    • Assembling these trolleys is a hassle-free process, requiring minimal tools.
    • The inclusion of a rubber mallet simplifies the assembly further, allowing users to quickly set up the trolley without the need for extensive technical expertise.
  4. Chemical resistant and designed for a multitude of applications:
    • The trolleys are constructed using materials that are highly resistant to chemicals, ensuring they can withstand exposure to various laboratory substances without deteriorating.
    • This chemical resistance makes them suitable for a wide range of applications within laboratory settings, from transporting reagents to holding laboratory equipment.
  5. Multiple configurations:
    • These trolleys offer flexibility through multiple configuration options, allowing users to customize them to meet specific needs.
    • Whether you require a trolley with shelves, drawers, or other storage features, these options are available to create a tailored solution.
  6. Precision bearing castors and brakes:
    • The trolleys are equipped with precision bearing castors that facilitate smooth and precise movement, even in confined laboratory spaces.
    • Integrated brakes ensure that the trolley can be securely immobilized when needed, enhancing safety during use.
  7. Constructed from GRP plastic and aluminium frame:
    • The trolleys are built using a combination of durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and a robust aluminium frame.
    • This construction not only ensures durability but also contributes to the lightweight nature of the trolley while maintaining structural integrity.
  8. Range of accessories available:
    • To enhance their functionality, these trolleys come with a range of accessories that can be added as needed.
    • Users have the option to customize their trolley with accessories such as hooks, bins, trays, or additional storage components, further increasing their utility.

In essence, purchasing one of our EduLab laboratory storage trolleys is a wise investment for labs and facilities that require efficient, adaptable, and safe transportation and storage solutions.

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