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 14 Key benefits of the Edu-Logger® system

  • 7 different ways of logging data including Wifi, Radio frequency and USB interface
  • Set up speed of 20 Seconds!!
  • FREE SOFTWARE for Windows and MAC
  • Click together easy set up with no exposed connections
  • Very wide range of sensors – and more on the way
  • Converts the measured parameters into processed value
  • Each logger sensor stores up to 5 experiments in flash memory.
  • Sends the data in digital form to a viewer unit, a PC or a tablet.
  • Easily calibrated by one push of a button.
  • Uses software to change ranges and gains.
  • Saved experiments can be uploaded to a PC at any time.
  • The most intuitive, rich and friendly Edu-Logger software, and application for browsers including: On-Line mode, Off-Line mode, tables, graphs, data analysis, double axis set up, statistic operations, mathematical operations.

Edu-logger® - Software

Highlights of Edu-Logger

Plug & Play

  • No calibration
  • Readings as soon as connected
  • No set up time
Flexible – Probes work with:
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Tablet
  • Smart Phones
Multiple Connection Options
  • USB module USB-200
  • Wireless (WiFi, RF)
  • Viewer (graphic, digital)

Adaptable & cost effective solution

  • Use 1 to 10 sensors per experiment
  • No need for expensive hubs to connect
  • Software prepared for the future so you don’t have to spend more.
Works with future technologies
  • Software is browser based, it will work on any hardware and software of the future with no need for upgrades
  • Firmware is upgradable

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Edu-Logger Interfaces and Accessories

USB, Battery & RF modules

  • A USB module (900-213) provides both power from the PC to the sensors and the communication between them.
  • A rechargeable battery module (900-215) for experiments without a PC
  • The RF communication module (900-216) allows remote operation of a single sensor or a chain of sensors.


Edu-Logger WiFi module

  • The WiFi communication module (900-268) connects wirelessly an Edu-Logger sensor or chain of sensors to any Wi-Fi system such as iPADs, Android tablets, smart phones, Windows, MAC or Linux PC’s.
  • The teacher can view the student’s experiment in remote. Students can view the teacher’s experiment on their tablets.


Graphic display module 900-214

  • The Graphic Display module allows data to be recorded and viewed without a PC or phone
  • Use with a battery module and connect sensors directly to the graphic display unit
  • The 5 inch LCD screen allows experiments to be viewed clearly and quickly.


Digital display module

  • The view module displays the data in number format
  • Use the view module with a battery module to obtain fast simple results
  • The view module is perfect for measuring one parameter in multiple locations