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Abraham Darby Academy

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A Level Physics in 48 hours flat!The science department at this outstanding Academy had 48 hours to prepare a bid for their new A level Physics course.

Our partners called in the Edulab Curriculum Team who worked round the clock to map the course to the syllabus and exam. Every Edulist prepared by our team is a bespoke piece of work as we have so many parameters to include in the mapping exercise. In addition we guarantee successful outcomes with the choice of materials so we have to get it right each time. Zero Tolerance is their KPI. The curriculum mapped list enabled the Science Department to win the bid as they could prove relevance and value for money. We went to support the installation and followed up the functionality of our solution. The Department knows we are available to help with technical and teaching support whenever required. In their own words: Good schools go beyond a commitment to academic excellence; they aim to educate the whole person producing a fully rounded individual. At Abraham Darby Academy we endorse that aim in the knowledge that if we provide a good quality academic education, take a close interest in each individual and provide an extensive and challenging array of extra-curricular activity to appeal to all tastes then we will produce a well rounded person able and keen to fulfil their potential in all aspects of life. Our educational philosophy is one of “enlightened traditionalism”. We fully embrace traditional objectives with the emphasis on the pursuit of excellence in a warm and caring but disciplined community. We get that at Edulab. Thank you to our partners and the Academy for using Edulist.