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Bastion Glove Range Introduction!

Jul 31,2014 by Edulab

About Bastion Gloves


Edulab has recently introduced a large range of disposable gloves including, NitrileVinyl and Latex. Through the international scientific group – ISG®, Edulab has partnered with the leading global brand of disposable gloves and PPE. The Bastion® glove range is specifically designed to be high quality and meets and exceeds a vast array of standards including CE, FDA, TGA and most recently HACCP.

All Bastion® gloves are accompanied by a full detailed spec sheet which includes glove thickness, international standards of protection, chemical resistance and glove type.

This partnership enables Edulab to provide high quality cost effective solutions right from very small usages through to global scale usage due to the huge stock holding and availability.


Bastion® Glove Types


Bastion® Nitrile: 

Nitrile gloves give a superior chemical resistance to any other disposable glove type, they are also the strongest meaning that Nitrile is often the choice of scientists and researchers working with chemicals and in situations where glove strength is everything. The flexibility and comfy fit of the Nitrile glove has quickly seen them become the highest usage by far in the UK and Globally. Another benefit to Nitrile gloves is the fact that tend not to effect people with allergies unlike the age old Latex glove.

Bastion® Latex:

Latex gloves are a cost effective method of protective and they provide good strength and chemical resistance. Again while not as strong as the nitrile version these gloves are often chosen in lower cost laboratories such as undergraduate labs in universities or low budget industrial. The downside to these however is the fact that many people have an allergic reaction with the latex rubber compound. This can make Latex gloves a more difficult choice if your laboratory has frequent changes of personnel.

Bastion® Vinyl: 

Vinyl gloves are a very low cost option and not ideal for laboratory applications that involve too many chemicals or where high glove strength is needed. These gloves are usually associated with the food industry where the chemical and strength aspect isn’t such an issue. These gloves are also the least flexible of the three types meaning that they are not so comfy for the wearer. However Vinyl gloves do provide an option for the low budget laboratory and are often seen in the Education industry.


The above types are just examples of the main areas covered in the Bastion gloverange. Many more options are available.


Finally all Bastion® gloves are available on a contract pricing basis for larger volume customers. Get in contact if this is something you think you qualify for. Click here