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Back to School!

Sep 10,2013 by Edulab

When I was younger I would look forward to the summer holidays but there was always such a constant reminder that you would be back to school soon. I am pretty sure that as soon my school closed for summer the local supermarket would stock the shelves with stationary and school uniform and hang a big sign stating BACK TO SCHOOL!  Thats the last thing I wanted to see, a reminder that the holidays would soon be over. Dont get me wrong I really enjoyed school..I just enjoyed the summer holidays a little more.

So now I am older and no longer have the pleasures of a 6 week summer holiday I do not mind using the phrase back to school, hence the over use of it in this article! Here at Edu-Lab we want to make the first week back as stress free as possible. So, to help with any last minute resources needed for the new term we have added more items in to our offers and clearance tabs. We cannot do anything about the new term starting but can certainly make ordering a little easier!