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Seal the Deal with Steppa-Stoppa

Aug 16,2023 by Edulab

When it comes to practical laboratory equipment, every detail matters. The Steppa-Stoppa is an innovative replacement for traditional rubber stoppers, made from a blended polymer material. Its unique design features an incremental taper that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, thereby eliminating the need for multiple sizes of rubber stoppers.

Available in two sizes (small and large), each box contains 10 stoppers, this product is loved for its versatile design that fits various applications, its simplicity, and its autoclavable nature, making it a practical choice for different settings.

Let’s explore how you can use it in various laboratory settings and experiments:

  1. Seal Containers: Use the Steppa-Stoppa to seal test tubes, flasks, and other containers securely. Its innovative design ensures a snug fit, preventing any leaks or spills.

  2. Control Airflow: Whether you’re working with gases or liquids, the Steppa-Stoppa’s adaptable taper helps you control airflow by adjusting how tightly it seals the opening.

  3. Sample Protection: Keep your samples safe from contamination by using the autoclavable Steppa-Stoppa. It can withstand high-temperature sterilisation processes without losing its effectiveness.

  4. Experiment Versatility: With its adjustable design, the Steppa-Stoppa can be used across different experiments, eliminating the need to keep multiple sizes of traditional rubber stoppers on hand.

  5. Laboratory Safety: The secure seal provided by the Steppa-Stoppa prevents hazardous substances from leaking, enhancing the overall safety of your lab environment.

  6. Reducing Waste: Traditional rubber stoppers often come in various sizes, leading to waste when you don’t need them all. The Steppa-Stoppa’s single, adaptable design reduces unnecessary waste.

  7. Convenience: The Steppa-Stoppa is easy to use and maintain. It’s included microfibre drying cloth ensures that it remains in optimal condition, ready for repeated use.

  8. Quality Assurance: The registered design of the Steppa-Stoppa assures you of its quality and innovation, making it a reliable choice for your lab experiments.

  9. Efficiency: Say goodbye to searching for the right-sized stopper. The designated code simplifies the selection process, saving you time and effort.

  10. Innovation: By opting for the Steppa-Stoppa, you’re choosing an innovative solution that adapts to modern lab needs, enhancing your overall laboratory experience.

In essence, the Steppa-Stoppa is your go-to tool for creating a secure seal, controlling airflow, and ensuring sample protection in various lab applications. Its adaptability, convenience, and innovation make it a valuable addition to any laboratory environment.

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